Sergey Andronov: I don't have a tradition to organize big birthday party

Sergey Andronov: I don't have a tradition to organize big birthday party

CSKA captain evaluated the first microcycle of pre-season preparation and explained why he is celebrating his birthday modestly.

- Sergey, how was your vacation in general?

- It turns out as always - not everything is done as desired. The goal was to rest, reboot, heal the aches and pains, and stay with family. The latter was the main thing. I think that task has been accomplished. Now we are approaching the new season with renewed vigor and goals.

- The first four-day training cycle is behind. How does it feel?

- There's an understanding that we're back to work mode. We are gradually getting into this rhythm according to the training system; everything is going according to plan.

- Now you have a lot of work - a lot of OFP (overall physical condition), you combine dry training sessions with the work on the ice. How does the body cope with such a load?

- It's okay now. Over the years, the body adapts to this intensity. It's that time of the year when we need to lay the groundwork and the volume that we won't be able to do in the season because we'll have other work to do. It takes some work and patience.

- During your vacation, you trained individually, keeping yourself toned at all times. How hard is it to train in a general group now?

- There will be a total load in any case, because you cannot reproduce such a volume of work on your own anyway, then you train alone on ice and in a more partial load mode. But we've done it all before, it's a familiar mode for us.

- On Monday it was your birthday. How was it?

- Today we had practice (the interview took place on Tuesday), so there was no way to celebrate it in any grand way. I had a modest dinner at home with the family. I don't have a tradition or habit of celebrating wildly because my birthday always happens during training gatherings. Maybe today we will also sit with family and friends.