Ravil Yakubov: Every victory gives confidence

Ravil Yakubov: Every victory gives confidence

The senior coach of the CSKA summed up the results of the match with Severstal.

— We were preparing for this game. We knew that Severstal is a good, interesting team that plays modern hockey. Although the guys are young, they are very daring in a good sense of the word. We managed to play well in the third period. There was a little conversation in the locker room at the second break. Our leaders have no right to make such mistakes and play like that at some points.

— What is the reason for replacing the goalkeeper at the end of the match?

— Our goalkeeping coach asked us to let our second goalkeeper play a little bit. 

— Does the fact that the teams are neighbors in the standings make any difference for today's game?

- Of course. We wanted to win to take the lead. In general, CSKA doesn't always have such a worthy game this season. We still have time before the playoffs to get together and do the job we have to do. 

— How did you interact with the head coach today?

- We've been on the phone with Sergey Viktorovich. He gave me a free hand. I make some decisions at my own discretion. Anyway, we're in touch, discussing things. Strictly professional.

— After the defeat in St. Petersburg, how much will this victory give the team confidence?
— Every victory gives confidence. As for the game with SKA, with the score 1:2, we had a good chance. If Mikhail Grigorenko would have scored into an empty net. The score was off the game. The team played well. We broke down at the end - we have no right to play like that.