Prokhor Poltapov: We must expect a good game and high-quality hockey in the next match

Prokhor Poltapov: We must expect a good game and high-quality hockey in the next match

The CSKA forward speaks about expectations from the fourth match of the series.

— You entered the game in the third period when you had to save the situation. And you have saved it. How would you rate the game?

— It was a good energetic game. Just the thing in the playoffs, I believe. And the fact that I went in like that in the third period... it was some kind of the coach's plan, then. We came back, but it's a pity that we couldn't snatch the victory in overtime.

— The second and fourth periods did not work out. Was it the influence of the backup issue?

— This is not an issue, just something that needs to be improved in training. I watched the second period, and from the outside I will say that one had to grab hold of the puck and fight for it the opponent's zone in order to keep it there. Lokomotiv was better at it than us.

— What advantages of the game can you highlight?

— We played much better in the second period than in the last match. There wasn't as tangible a difference as there was then. We went out to fight, struggle and win back every moment one hundred percent.

— What can we expect from the next match? Will there be any new surprises?

— I guess not. We must wait for a good game and high-quality hockey. Preferably more goals - it will be more interesting.

— How does the fact that you combine performances for CSKA and Zvezda affect the game?

— This is a good game practice. There are guys playing there too, so I had a good check before the KHL playoffs.

— You are having your second playoff in the KHL. How does the difference between this season and last one feel?

— Probably, the last playoff was more childish for me. It's the first time, it's all joy, it's all emotion. Now you already understand that there is a responsibility, that there are guys for whom it is very important to win. Therefore, there is a sense of danger, and now it is much more interesting.