Pavel Karnaukhov: all conditions have been created in Minsk

Pavel Karnaukhov: all conditions have been created in Minsk

The CSKA striker told about the first days of the training camp in Minsk.

- How did Minsk meet you?

- Excellent, as always. A good place, good conditions for collecting. There is everything you need: comfortable accommodation, food is great, training process. I don't know where it can be better.

- Did you think ten years ago that you would regularly take training camps here?

- There were no such thoughts. But it's always nice to come home.

- Have you seen your parents yet?

- Yes, of course.

- How did you play football on the first day?

- Everything is excellent. We arrived, settled down, took a little rest from the road. And then we moved a little, in addition to football, there was activity, exercises and starting from Saturday there were already full-fledged training camps.

- What is the most important thing at the training camp?

- Enter the season, the training process in the first place. We need to lay a certain foundation, because there are new players, the composition is changing a little bit, there are also small changes in the coaching staff. Now the formation of the team is taking place, team connections are being established, interaction and physical form is being laid, certain trainings are going on.