Pavel Bure: All the steps in the club have been thought out

Pavel Bure: All the steps in the club have been thought out

Pavel Bure, the legend of CSKA hockey and a member of the Supervisory Board of CSKA PHC, assured the fans in an interview with the club's press service: "All steps in the club have been thought out!".

- Pavel Vladimirovich, holding a serious post in the HC CSKA, you know about the large-scale process of team renewal, because many recent leaders have left the club, and the fans are in some anxious expectation... What is your view of the future season?
- There is no anxiety. We often meet with Igor Esmantovich, the club president, and Igor Ivanovich Sechin, the head of Rosneft. All the steps at our club have been thought out. A lot of work is underway. We are moving forward and our goals are, as always, the highest.

- What is your wish for the fans for the next season?

– I joined the club in 1977, and even then we had the best fans.
The traditions continue. It can't be any other way in CSKA. We want to do our best to please them in return.

- As a player, you have always devoted a lot of energy to the training process. Now the CSKA players have summer independent training. What do you wish them?
- To be in shape, and then everything will be fine. We have great specialists at the club who will train the boys after they have had a rest

- How do you comment on the fact that the next season will be longer?
- In my time, the season lasted 11 months. The whole time we were practicing and playing and living on base. So I don't see anything critical in this expansion.

- Then we wait for the season to end for the CSKA players at the end of May. What about the final?

– We will do our best for this.