Nikita Nesterov: There are still 67 games ahead. We will win

Nikita Nesterov: There are still 67 games ahead. We will win

The CSKA captain summed up the results of the first match of the season.

— We started well, there were chances, there were a lot of power play. At this point, you need to add force, the result could be done in the first period. We didn't score, but Kazan, on the contrary, scored. Hence the result. 

— There were a lot of emotions according to Yaroslav Dyblenko. Your opinion?

— I won't say that's all about emotions. It's more a question of discipline. New rules, they dismiss for everything — that's good. Hockey will be more spectacular if we start scoring in the power play. Time to adapt? I don't know, I've adapted. 

— Are innovations strongly felt?

— These are the right rules, there were a lot of dismissals on both sides. The changes are felt.

— Ivan Fedotov took part in the game. There were comments by Igor Esmantovich, Alexey Morozov. Was this uncertainty unnerving the team?

— We didn't pay attention, calmly prepared for the game. I think that Ivan played well. The defenders had to help him. It was necessary to do more work, not to let them score and correct. I think we will fix everything, everything is ahead. 


— You played only four matches in the summer, probably it takes time to accelerate?

— I don't think we need time to accelerate. The season has started and we are fully prepared. As they say, you must spoil before you spin, but everything is ahead. This is the first match, and there are still 67 games in the regular season ahead. We will win.