Maxim Sorkin: Sergey Viktorovich always has something to ask and to learn

Maxim Sorkin: Sergey Viktorovich always has something to ask and to learn

The 21-year-old CSKA player spoke about his performance for the Olympic national team, how Sergey Fedorov interacts with the players; then he shared his emotions about the game Croatia-Russia and named his favorite console games.

- Maxim, in mid-November you played in the German Cup for the Russian Olympic team. In all three games of the tournament the team was ahead, but could not lean on the opponent. Why did it happen that way?

- We started well in every game. Then we made silly mistakes. We can say that we created our own chances and the opponent penalized us.

- But there is a positive thing - you got 2 (1+1) points in those games. How would you evaluate your performance in Germany?

- Of course, when you score points it's good, but there are components that must be improved. There are good moments and those ones that need improvement. We need to cling to the good ones and fix the rest.

- The Olympic team is the nearest reserve of the national team. Do you have a goal to break into the main team and play at the Olympics in Beijing?

- Of course, that should be our goal. That is what we are working for to make it to the main team. Every hockey player of our team has a chance. You just have to work hard every day on your game.

- You scored your first goal this season in the derby against Dynamo. What does it mean for you to score for the leader or it doesn't matter which team you score for?

- Actually, every goal is important. And the goal to the leaders is even more important, because the top clubs don't score that often.

- What was there in the locker room after the match with Dynamo when we won 3-0?

- There was a joyful atmosphere. Prior to that everything was not going smoothly and we needed such a result over the leader, then "Dynamo" was in first place. This result was very important for the team.

- You were chosen as the best player of the match. How did you feel when trying on the uniform?

- I had already tried it on last year. But it is nice to have that feeling again. It gives a boost and motivation for further matches.

- What is Sergey Viktorovich like as a head coach? Is he demanding? Do you understand his instructions?

- Of course, he is demanding. And all of his requirements are well understood by me. He works a lot with us, with young players. He also pays a lot of attention to the rest of the team: he is always giving advice to the forwards and defensemen. He always has something to ask and something to learn from him.

- There have been a lot of changes this season, not only in the coaching staff, but also in the roster. Did something change in the training process, in everyday life?

- It's hard to say; the training process has changed a little, we do slightly different exercises. Everything else is pretty much the same: we keep our traditions.

- At the beginning of the season the team had a lot of injured players and your age group was used as a base. Are you comfortable when there are more players of your age in the locker room?

- I got used to all the guys. We train and play together in training camps and away matches. I don't feel less comfortable playing with older players.

- Are there any guys with whom you communicate more?

- We communicate the same way with everyone.

- During the flights you play cards. What do you play?

- I and our guys started to play not so long ago. Foreigners usually played more. We use the usual games: "Fool", "Burkozel".

- What do you play for?

- Just for fun.

- Who wins most often?

- I don't know, probably Marsel Ibragimov.

- Who is the main joker in the team?

- It`s hard to say, everyone has something funny. I can`t say who`s the only one.

- You are a decent soccer player. Do you watch the matches? Have you seen the game Croatia - Russia?

- I watch the Russian national team matches. I always follow the national team, I cannot say that I watch all the matches, but I get to know how they played. In this qualifying campaign I did not watch any game. So I decided to watch the match against the Croats. Matvey Guskov and I were still in Germany at the tournament. I had a thought at the time: maybe there was no need to watch it, everything was going well? So I did, but ten minutes later we got an own goal and as a result we got into the butting matches.

- It turns out that it was all because of you.

- Maybe because of me (laughs). Of course, it was a shame. It would be cool to get to the World Cup from the first place. But there is still a chance.

- Is our team able to break into the World Cup?

- Of course. Anyone can win such a significant tournament. For example, Greece won gold medals at the 2004 European Championship. That's the proof.

- Do you watch anything else from soccer?

- Most often I watch the Champions League reviews or when the greats play.

- What other hobbies do you have?

- There are no particular ones. All of them are different. I can relax, or go for a walk, play console games. Of the console games, I choose hockey, sometimes soccer and basketball. These are NHL-2022, FIFA-2021. Unfortunately, I am not able to play online with any of the guys now.

- What NHL team do you play?

- It's different, I just randomly click. I do it all to distract from real hockey, I get some fun out of it.

- By tradition, what do you think about the support of the team in the stands?

- The support of the fans is great. Thanks to them: they come in such a difficult time. I would like to wish them good health. Keep coming to the arena and we'll try to please them.




Favorite exercise of any training.

Throws and stretching

Favorite hockey player

Probably, Datsyuk

Favorite city away from home

I like St.Petersburg. And Helsinki, too.

Favorite video game


My favorite food