Maxim Mamin: There are no indifferent people in our team

Maxim Mamin: There are no indifferent people in our team

The author of the double against Avangard summarized the match.

— There weren't enough goals. There were chances to score the fifth goal. I think if we'd scored a fifth, we could have made it. Bad luck at the end. The most difficult moment? When we score, in the next shift we concede a goal from the opponent. After the goal, you have to shift with maximum concentration. 

— Could the game have gone according to a different scenario? In the first 10 minutes, CSKA created a lot of chances.

— Unsuccessful play in unequal lineups. Hence this result. In a five-on-five game, I think the content would be good, that would have created chances. Basically had a better matchup than the last couple games. More chances, more initiative, but no luck. 

— What was the goal in the end, the tactic? 

— When you attack in the end to equalize - the goal is to get the puck to the goal, bury it. 

— When so many pucks are conceded, a lot of people pay attention to the goalie. Did you support Ivan Fedotov? 

— Of course, the missed pucks weren't his fault. When we concede, it's a command error. Someone didn't follow through, didn't help. We'll figure it out.