Konstantin Okulov: It's nice to score points with a good team

Konstantin Okulov: It's nice to score points with a good team

The CSKA striker summed up the results of the second match of the series with Lokomotiv. 

— We played very poorly for the first period and a half. I think we absolutely lost the first period. Then we started doing simple things in our own and rival's zone — hence the key to the game was found. That's how we scored our goals. 

— What is the reason for Lokomotiv's advantage in shots at the start of the match?

— It's not fatigue. They start competently, the defenders do not come up with anything superfluous. We start inventing something, doing something beautiful, but we need to pick up the puck and give it forward. So we slowly drag the game into their zone, where we show our strong qualities.  

— There are not so many shots in six periods against Lokomotiv. Have you already got used to this format of the game? 

— It's okay. You can throw 60 times and not score a single goal. It's all about implementation, you need to show your skills. Such hockey is going on in this series. Maybe someone doesn't like it, but according to the intensity, according to the work that we do, this is a very interesting series.

— Now you are officially the best scorer of CSKA in the history of the KHL, what emotions do you have? 

— It's very nice that we managed to score the most points. I hope that more will follow. It's nice to score points in a good team and with a good team.