Ivan Fedotov: I think Adam and I will make a good tandem

Ivan Fedotov: I think Adam and I will make a good tandem

Red and Blue's newcomer goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov told the club's press service in an interview about his goals for the new season, playing for the Russian national team, his Finnish roots and becoming a CSKA schoolboy.

"Two meters and a penny is enough for me"

- At the very least, we need to repeat the result in the coming season - to reach the final and, of course, win it, because to come a long way and not make it to the top of Olympus is the most frustrating thing. We need to reach the top bar and live up to that level.

If we talk about personal goals, the main thing is to enjoy every stage and process. Of course, the final result is important, but the microclimate in the team is also very important - to enjoy every game, being at the club, communicating with coaches and partners. All that is very important to me. And, of course, winning at a team like CSKA is important.

- You had a medical check-up today. The doctors say a man can grow to 25 years of age. Are you hoping to stretch out a few more centimeters?

- More than satisfied with my height (smiles). I hope this rule will get around me. I'm only two meters and a penny tall.

- In modern hockey, is the goalkeeper's tall stature an advantage or not?

- There are pros and cons to everything. There is a balance in everything. And I am not an exception here. I am happy with my height, I am not complaining, I have already managed to adapt to it. For some people the high growth is a benefit, for others it is a disadvantage. I am only looking for the positives, to use them to my advantage.

- The goalkeeping line at CSKA has been completely renewed. Are you ready for competition with Adam Reideborn?

- Of course. This is not my first experience. At every stage of your career, you have to prove your strength again and again. I love new challenges and experiences. It's not a problem for me. I think we will form a good tandem and both of us will perform well. That's what we were brought into the club for, we will try to bring every game to victory.

- Have you had a chance to talk to goalkeeper coach Sergei Naumov?

- Yes, Sergei Ivanovich and I have called each other. The communication was positive. I have no doubt that we will work interestingly, productively and efficiently. I have heard only good things about him; he has vast experience and understanding of how to work with goalkeepers.

"CSKA fans add extra motivation to the players".

- The break between CHL seasons turns out to be quite long for you. How do you keep your energy up when the championship is over but you are still waiting for a call-up to the national team?

- In such a situation you realise that you need to keep fit, to be fresh. In order not to be too tired from the season, you find a break, then you get ready. You are told if you are going to be called up to the national team. Then you train in your own way, you know what you need. Then you go to the team and mentally prepare yourself before the matches. You are not allowed to be exhausted too early. No one needs the extra workload and fatigue.

- How did you spend this period from the beginning of March until today?

- Everything was productive. After leaving the playoffs with Traktor, I rested for a week, and then I worked individually with the coach. I started to prepare with the national team in April.

- What were your impressions of the World Cup?

- I spent two weeks in the "bubble". I was in Riga almost until the end of the tournament. I left the team only after Sergey Bobrovsky arrived, four days before the guys were home with their families.

- Didn't it hurt that you didn't get a chance in Latvia?

- No. On the one hand it was my own fault, on the other hand it was all clear. There were many factors and nuances. First there was one thing, then it changed. No big deal, it's hockey.

- You made your debut for the team at the end of last year. How do you feel playing for the Russian national team?

- For me, as for any athlete, this is one of the high points, so it is a great honour and prestige to represent your country at the highest level. It has been your dream since childhood to play for a professional team and to play for your country. Step by step you go through the Euros, friendlies, getting closer to your new goal. It's an emotion that motivates, adds strength, sportsmanship. Even just to stew, train and play with some of the best hockey players in the league is a positive experience.

- You were born in Finnish Lappeenranta. Have you ever been asked to play for the Finnish national team?

- Such a question was not raised. I have spent my whole life in Russia. I was born in Finland, I have Finnish roots - my mother is half Finnish. My father is Russian and a true patriot. I consider myself a complete Russian. I have never thought about another country. Because I live here, grow up here, study here.

- As a child you were involved in the CSKA hockey school.

- Yes, at the LDS in Leningradka. A familiar place, not a new one for me. The foundations of my career were laid at CSKA School. Many memories are associated with that period; we lived in Moscow at that time, not far from the ice arena. Now my younger brother is involved in the CSKA club.

- Are you happy with your fitness now?

- My availability is quite good. Because of the short holiday, I did my preparations more correctly and rationally. I may not have had time to work on some aspects, but on the whole I have completed the cycle that was scheduled. Now in the best possible fitness, I'm ready to take on the kind of workload that will come with the training camp. It should bring more than it did before. I used to do a lot of work a month and a half before the team training camp. It's because of that sometimes I got into a jam after the training camp, it was a bit difficult, because at the training camp you are not spared and along with everyone else you are chased to the limit. Now I have a good tone of training, and all that is left is to get to work. Most importantly, I had time to work on some details and nuances in the hall and on the ice. Now we will continue to improve all these points.

- What would you like to wish the CSKA fans?

- Have an interesting season, keep up the same warm support, loyal and devoted cheering at home and away. I know that there are many who cheer and worry about the team. The club and the fan movement have a rich history. People have been cheering for generations. It's all nice, it adds extra motivation to the players. I wish everyone good health, to enjoy life, get sick, observe and spend more time with family during this difficult time.