CSKA fan cosmonaut - Anton Shkaplerov went to the ISS together with the “movie crew”

CSKA fan cosmonaut - Anton Shkaplerov went to the ISS together with the “movie crew”

Pilot-cosmonaut, Hero of Russia Anton Shkaplerov went to his fourth space expedition together with actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko and will take part in the filming of a feature film in orbit.

“Movie crew” went to the ISS for the film “Challenge”, which will be the first film in the history of cinema with filming of professional actors in space. CSKA fan Anton Shkaplerov became the commander of the “Soyuz MS-19” spacecraft, on which the “cinema crew” will arrive. Being on the ISS, they are expected by an international expedition consisting of the Russians Oleg Novitsky and Peter Dubrov, the Americans Mark Vande Hai, Shane Kimbrow and Megan MacArthur, the Japanese Akihiko Hoshide and the Frenchman Tom Peske. Russian cosmonauts on the ISS will help the “movie crew” in shooting of the film.

The Actress Yulia Peresild and director Klim Shipenko will stay at the station for 12 days and will return on October 17 on the “Soyuz MS-18” spacecraft together with another commander - Oleg Novitsky, who is now on the ISS. As a result, the director plans to shoot about 40 minutes of screen time in orbit.

Anton Shkaplerov will spend six months at the station and continue to work on the inclusion of the new Multipurpose Laboratory Module “Science” into the ISS. It has been planned that he will perform 3-4 spacewalks.

Anton took the attributes of the CSKA hockey club together with him, a puck and a specially made token. All this time he will cheer for the team from orbit.

The CSKA Hockey Club wishes Anton Nikolaevich good luck during his space flight and looks forward to a successful return!