Bogdan Kiselyevich: I tried to share my joy with everyone

Bogdan Kiselyevich: I tried to share my joy with everyone

The CSKA defender spoke about his vacation, the Gagarin Cup tour in Cherepovets and work at the site.

- Bogdan, judging by the photos, the Gagarin Cup visit to Cherepovets turned out to be very bright and intense. Tell me about the past days?

- The director of the club and the head of the press service called from Cherepovets, asked about the plans for the arrival and decided to help organize a platform where it would be possible to invite guys, coaches. Gleb Petrov took over the solution of all issues. We agreed to take the Cup to the Severstal plant and introduce the trophy to the managers, which I think is important for the development of Cherepovets hockey. The meeting was very positive. Then we talked to the factory workers. Then they took the Cup to the ice palace, where the graduation of the hockey school was held. There was a summing up of the season, all ages gathered. All the guys saw the Cup and were very happy about it. It was very important to me. Also, almost all of my coaches were there. After that, we gathered with people of our hockey school graduate year – 1990.

On the second day, we met with the mayor in the morning. We managed to charge him with positivity. And then I gathered friends with families and children, many came from other cities.

And on the third day we exhibited it in the old palace in Almaz so that as many people as possible could see it and take pictures. And then I sent the Cup to Moscow. These were not easy days, very eventful

- It turns out that everything was planned in advance? Or was there a place of improvisation?

- Improvisation, of course, remained. There were guests who, unfortunately, could not come. There were those to whom I went myself. But as a whole, of course, everything was planned and prepared in advance, because the Cup tour in Cherepovets is not a frequent event. And I hope not the last. I will make every effort to do this.

- Tell us in more detail about the meeting with the guys with whom you studied at hockey school. How was the alumni reunion"?

- I didn't expect it. I haven't seen anyone for 8-10 years, I didn't know what they were doing. I was very happy that they came and shared this evening with me, and I shared these emotions with them. I wanted to make a celebration for everyone, not for myself. Since these days were difficult for me. But it was a real happiness, because, probably, we would never have gathered otherwise. It's even a bit of a pity that only the victory in the Gagarin Cup became an occasion for all the guys to get together.

- Are the emotions from the victory still strong?

- Emotions when the Cup is next to you, of course, are strong. You are glowing with happiness, energized by this magical trophy. This is important for you personally, for your family, for your loved ones and friends, to whom you explain what it is, who support you every day.

- Someone has already started training, someone from the CSKA is still resting after a difficult season. Are you drawn to the ice?

- I already went out on the ice in the middle of May. Because I missed it. My family and I had a rest in Turkey, returned to Cherepovets and I immediately went on the ice. I'm drawn there. We called Andrey Svetlakov, discussed training sessions, and started them together, because it's time. If you rest, then only actively, because it's time to prepare for the next season to confirm your status. Many friends in Cherepovets laugh at me: "Where are you going, it's only been a few weeks." But I already want to skate.

- You told me that in the summer you are engaged in the gradening, mow lawns. Is there a lot of garden work planned this year?

- A lot of work on the plot. I rubbed calluses: I was cleaning dandelions and, like a fool, I did it without gloves. It is impossible to cope with them. We put up a greenhouse, made several flower beds. I did everything my wife asked me to do. She has a lot of new plantings, new ideas: we have thuja, spruce, fir, roses. It became harder to mow the plot. But I am glad that she shows such initiative. We can say that there is still a lot of work: 5 cubes of land have been already brought, now I am looking for helpers - it is necessary to level the plot.

- What are your plans for the rest of your vacation?

- I need to go to several weddings of my friends, I hope that I will be able to get to all of them. I didn't promise anyone, but I said that I would try to come if possible. The most important thing for me on this vacation is to spend time with my family, with my wife and children, to visit my parents in St. Petersburg. Since you rarely see your loved ones during the season, and now you need to pay maximum attention to them.