Artyom Sergeyev: we communicate with each other a lot

Artyom Sergeyev: we communicate with each other a lot

The CSKA defender told about the preparation, the football and named the best players of CSKA hockey club.

- Artyom, have you already got involved in the work?

- Yes. I came to the training camp ready, so it's not so hard now.

- How not to get tired of the routine and not get bored with each other at the training camp?

- We are still at such a stage where everyone misses each other, we communicate a lot. Therefore, we don't have this problem for now.

- What is the most difficult thing at the training camp?

- Good question. It is clear that the load during the training is greater than in the season. It's hard to wake up after a nap and force yourself to work again. (smiles)

- What do you do when you have free time?

- We communicate with the guys, we can have dinner and then walk along the river – the hotel has a very nice embankment. I don't watch anything, we communicate a lot with each other, since we haven't seen each other for a long time.

- Do training on the ground and playing football help to distract from the routine?

- Yes, it's fun, great emotions. Something new for many, since we rarely play it. Maybe someone plays in the summer, but not often. I haven't played football for a long time, it was great to run around with the guys, laugh, have fun.

- Top 3 best football players of CSKA hockey club in your opinion?

- Okulov, Grigorenko and, probably, Abramov.

- What place would you put yourself in, would you join the club's national team?

- If only as a defensive midfielder: knock out, play clearance.