Anton Slepyshev: It's always nice to score, not only after injury

Anton Slepyshev: It's always nice to score, not only after injury

The CSKA striker spoke about the winning goal against Sochi, returning to the roster and preparing for the Traktor.

— The game with Sochi HC was the first after returning to the roster. How are you feeling? 

—  Of course, it's hard to miss a lot and then get back into shape. I feel good now. It is clear that I really missed a lot and need to get into shape through games. 

— In the very first game you scored the winning goal. How would you rate that moment? It seems that it was possible to roll in perfectly? 

— The first period, as often happens, is very difficult. I had to be patient, and then it got better. The partners helped a lot, the young guys did a huge amount of work. This is their merit, they held the puck well and made a great pass to me. It's good that it turned out to be converted.

— How important is it for confidence to score right away? Sergey Viktorovich also noted at the press conference that in that sense he was very happy for you. 

— Of course, in terms of psychology, I didn't want to postpone it. It's always nice to score, not just after an injury. Naturally, this should help to think more about the game rather than personal performance.  

— Tomorrow is the match with Traktor. Probably, the opponent is not in the place in the table where it could be? 

— All games are fairly equal in this year's championship. Everything is "shot for shot", so many teams are going through difficulties now. 

— Tractor lost in the first game of the year from SKA — 3:9, then a shootout victory over Avtomobilist. They are very contrasting games — what will our match be like?

— Not everything is going smoothly at Traktor, but in recent games they are still en route. We are waiting for a very difficult match.