Andrey Svetlakov: I haven't had time to experience all the great things in family life in a month

Andrey Svetlakov: I haven't had time to experience all the great things in family life in a month

The CSKA forward told about his new family status, his holiday in the Maldives and the importance of the support of CSKA fans.

"If you just sit in the Maldives all week, you could be bored to death."

- Andrey, what was your holiday like? It was two and a half months before the team got together.

- We had time to do everything - to rest, to celebrate the wedding, to train. There was a lot of time for rest, but now it is such a period, it is time to start working. I would like to see all the guys and experience of get-together and training sessions.

- Share the newlywed's emotions.

- I haven't had time to experience all the great things in family life in a month yet (smiles). It's fun, though. It's only going to get more interesting.

- Your friend Bogdan Kiselevich was delighted with your wedding. What were your impressions of the occasion?

- I'm glad he and many of the guests enjoyed it. It is the kind of event that will be remembered for a lifetime. My wife and I were very pleased with the way it was organised.

- You had a lot of guests, quite serious preparations. How did you find the time and energy to do that?

- It took us about a year to prepare. We went to a wedding agency. They helped us. My wife arranged a lot of things, she knows more about it. I didn't have much time for it because of the high season.

- You spent your honeymoon in the Maldives. How was it?

- It shouldn't be bad in the Maldives (laughs). We went there for a week, relaxed. It was just the two of us. We were looking forward to this trip for a long time and we really enjoyed it there too.

- Even there you found time to train.

- Well, why not? You always have to do something. There's so much leisure there, if you just sit around all week, you could be bored to death.

- Did training on holiday weigh you down?

- No, you're always doing something, it's clear that the first days of holiday you want to rest from everything, recover, but after that you have to get ready for the season. There is a lot to work on.

"I really hope that the games will be played with fans."

- In the upcoming СHL season there will be a one-month break for the Olympics. Is this a positive moment for you or not?

- The game tone will go away in that period. I'd probably rather play more and train less - it's more interesting.

- Last season CSKA had the best regular season and won the Western Conference. But the main goal - winning the Gagarin Cup - was not achieved. During the offseason, did you wonder why you couldn't make that final step?

- Yes, of course it's a pity. We've been going for it all season. We tried, but what can you do, it's sport. So you were weaker at that time and there is something to work on. You always need to improve your game, so that the next season will be better than the previous one. We have to work on our mistakes in every situation. We can't do anything without it. Moreover, now is a new season, so new work on mistakes. Everything will be fine.

- Is there any sporting anger left after last season?

- You can't go anywhere without it; if you don't have it, you can't get very far. It's always there. With every season you want to prove something to yourself and everyone else.

- What can fans expect in the 2021/22 season?

- I really hope that the games will be played with fans, because it is harder to play without them. We play for them. Our fans are rested and miss hockey, so in the new season, I hope the pandemic will not be a problem to gather full stadium, which will push us forward, and we will do everything to please them with victories and goals.