Sergey Fedorov: It is necessary to train your pupils correctly

Sergey Fedorov: It is necessary to train your pupils correctly

Источник: ТАСС

In an interview with TASS, the head coach of CSKA spoke about the nuances of training young hockey players, changes in the composition of the CSKA club and signing a contract with Konstantin Okulov.

The head coach of CSKA Sergey Fedorov expressed hope that during the season the team will be based on up to 10 young hockey players. He told TASS about this on Wednesday.  

Season-2023/24 Fonbet — The Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) starts on September 1 with the CSKA — Ak Bars match. Last season, the CSKA team won the Gagarin Cup for the second year in a row, beating the Kazan team in the final. 

"Some of the young guys in the previous season got some experience, such as Tahir Mingachev and Prokhor Poltapov. I think if we see 6 to 10 guys in the season, it will be great," Fedorov said. — They will have a real chance to try their hand at the KHL in the team that plays for victory in every match, for the quality of the game. And this is our coaching job, in order, first of all, to provoke interest and direct them. And their task is to fulfill all the thoughts and requirements dictated by the league, as well as the coaching staff and the level of our team."

In the offseason, CSKA left Matvey Guskov, goalkeeper Adam Reideborn and Artem Sergeev, who moved to SKA. Goalkeeper Ivan Fedotov has so far become the only player to join the CSKA. 

"It doesn't bother me, because there are certain reasons for that," Fedorov replied when asked if he was worried about the absence of newcomers in the offseason. — Of course, we are constantly thinking about it and working on it. As we know, due to all the events in the world and in our country, it is not so easy to find players of a certain quality. That's why I always said, even before I became the head coach of CSKA, that it is absolutely necessary to train my pupils properly. We have great guys, the best in the country, in the youth and in VHL, they need to be properly trained, which I think we are doing well." 

The departure of defender Artem Sergeev to the SKA hockey club is not a loss for CSKA, it should be treated as part of hockey life. This opinion was expressed to TASS on Wednesday by the head coach of CSKA Sergey Fedorov. 

It's not a loss, it's hockey life. Artem made his choice, you understand that professional sports is money, the only way to earn it is by playing and doing professional activities," Fedorov said. — The professional age of any player, whether in football or hockey, is not so long, the guys necessarily take in account the financial side, look where it is better. SKA made an excellent offer, to which the player agreed. I think we have a worthy replacement, I am happy for those guys who will be with us, who will get a real chance, especially the young ones." 

In the offseason, CSKA extended the agreement with Konstantin Okulov, one of the best scorers of the last Gagarin Cup, until 2025. 

 "Our management did a great job, Konstantin accepted our offer, signed a contract. There weren't many thoughts about it at the time, but I'm happy for Konstantin — he's a huge part of our team, our leader. He proved it, the second cup in a row, which our team won, speaks for him," Fedorov stressed.