Prokhor Poltapov: I did as Popov taught – If you see a hole, you throw

Prokhor Poltapov: I did as Popov taught – If you see a hole, you throw

Источник: Спорт-Экспресс

Striker Prokhor Poltapov summed up the match with Sochi.

— Tell us about your goal. Did you see that Tretyak was going to move to another corner, or did you decide from the very beginning to complete the breakaway?

— I did it according to the situation, as Alexander Popov taught: "If you see a hole, you throw."

— This is your second match after injury in the main roster. How do you assess your physical fitness at the moment?

— At Zvezda, they helped me to prepare so that I was in optimal shape, ready for a power struggle. I can say that I have already recovered.

— How do you assess the state of the team now? Still searching? Is it possible to say that today there was a missing speed, which Sergey Fedorov spoke about?

— Based on the results of today's match, we can say that we are closer to the optimal form. I think it's too early to talk about something serious.

— Can we say that the leaders began to gain the necessary conditions — Okulov and Grigorenko distinguished themselves?

— We have the whole season ahead of us to play, and these goals were extremely necessary. These are the leaders who should lead us to the cup, so the fact that they showed a good result today only inspires the whole team.