Kalinin: We need to pass through this and become better

CSKA forward Sergei Kalinin shared his thoughts about team's recent losing streak, marked the mistakes and found a silver lining.

'The main problem is in ourselves', Kalinin said, 'So we are working, trying to fix mistakes we let in recent games, both physical and psychological. We committed flaws in passes, didn't drive the net enough, didn't win enough in physical play and few other components.'

'This happens, and we need to strive to improve. I don't think that this situation is something bad. Yes, it's unpleasant. Yes, everyone's nervous, and the mood is not as good as after the wins. But if we pass this through – and we shall pass – we'll only become stronger.', he added.

' All teams are motivated to win against us, so there should be no surprises. They all come out to win, same as we do', concluded Kalinin.