Mikhail Grigorenko: Everyone in the team looks up to Sanych

Mikhail Grigorenko: Everyone in the team looks up to Sanych

CSKA team forward answered the reporters' questions after the match with Dynamo Moscow.

- There is an opinion that the team's uneven start may be due to the fact that Sergei Fedorov may be demanding from the players the same skills and game he shows, and the hockey players are not ready for it. Is that true?

- I do not think that Sergei Viktorovich demands something from us that we cannot fulfill. All the requirements are quite simple. I think that what he did on the ice, no one can repeat here. So, it would be silly to make that demand. We've had a lot of injuries, now the guys are slowly coming back - I think that also weighed in on. Basically, the league has leveled up, including the small rinks, everyone plays more evenly. You shouldn't expect us to beat everyone in every game with ease. Everyone tries. But today we had a game to build on.

- You left the team when it was a dominant force. Now you're still in the top four in the West.

- I think everyone understands that the competition has increased - and due to the salary cap, and the rink have become smaller - hockey has simplified, and it has become easier for teams to defend. That's why we get what we see.

- Please assess the game of San Sanych, who was involved in two goals today.

- We're all surprised, the oldest player and so much running around. He's probably the most useful hockey player in our team, everyone looks up to him. It's great that he is in our team.