Ivan Fedotov: We went patiently from segment to segment and won

Ivan Fedotov: We went patiently from segment to segment and won

CSKA goalkeeper commented on the victory over Dynamo.

- The key thing today is teamwork. We played well on our assignment; we did what the coach asked us to do. This is the kind of game we need to stick to. Today it was a good game - we understood what to expect from the opponent, the guys fulfilled the instructions given. We tried to play in the opponents’ zone and less in our own. So, we patiently went from break to break and won.

- Several of Shipachev's series came apart today. Did you analyze his game?

- I think Vadik can wait for now. He's already scored a lot. Maybe in the next game he'll score again. I think he won't get too upset. It doesn't matter for us - whether it's Shipachyov or someone else - we're analyzing the opponent and getting ready just like he did for us, we're coming out to play. The score is on the scoreboard. We won and we have to keep improving our game.

- Sergey Fedorov said at the press conference that your current level of play is not the limit, you can do more. He also noted that not only CSKA is a new team for you, but you also have a new coach. What are the benefits of working with Sergey Naumov?

- Sergiy Ivanovich is first and foremost a specialist who has worked with many puckstoppers. His skills are more than enough for puckstoppers to progress. When I came, I understood what to expect, what would be, what were the requirements. I knew there would be a period of adaptation, rebuilding. Of course, this is a step forward, because he is a specialist of the highest level. Sergiy is quite demanding. I enjoy working with him. I'm lucky. In recent years I've worked with good specialists and learned only the best from them. God willing, I will progress further. There is no limit to perfection.

- We can say that two goals were scored today by San Sanych.

- San Sanych is a man with a baggage and a small carriage of experience. He's our most promising (smiling) one. We understand what he can give and how he can help. He has great health. It's good that he's with us.